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Thinking about fostering? The best people to talk to are only a click away. All you gotta do is click me or click here!

Why foster?

If you are considering fostering you probably have some pretty good reasons why, in fact the reasons people consider fostering vary considerably. However, once you become a foster carer all this will change, ask any foster parent. Foster parenting is a unique learning experience and can be quite a rollercoaster ride, hence the need for care groups, associations and central or government support. By pure necessity you will gain child care skills beyond any you could attain through schools or courses. Foster parents are highly regarded and respected by those who know what they do, and so support and networks are strong and united. Foster Parents are a vitally important part of our social structure, ask any politician, they not only save our community literally hundreds of millions of dollars but play a key role in creating a healthy social future for all Australians.

Foster care is hard work but all hard work has its rewards, carers stay on doing foster care because the benefits and self-respect go far beyond what most successful people could achieve. One thing you can be sure of you will never get bored!

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