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Got something to sell, swap or donate. Let me know and I'll list it with your e-mail address. All you gotta do is click me or click here!


Dear KiC swap shop.

I have a full size air puck table that my children would like to sell. Purchased for $350. Will sell to any family with kids in care for $150 or swap for a pony.

Thrustmaster skate board deck to be used with a play station, as new. Bought for $130 at Christmas time, will sell to any kids in care for $60.00 or swap for a pony.


Where's Golly?
use the mouse on our holiday to Wonderland
and see if you can find me.

Hint: a couple of mouse clicks will zoom in real close.
......... but don't click the text link at the bottom unless
you want to visit the creators of this applet.



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